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Hearing from God

How do I hear from God? How can I be sure that it is God who talked to me? Some people claimed that they heard from God and God asked them to do this and that. Is it legitimate? Does God really speak to us? Does He even want to talk to us? I had doubts in the past regarding this topic. I have been taught since young all the theories about God's purpose and will in my life and how I should seek God and listen to Him to know what He wants to fulfill in my life. However it is only until the last couple of years I really experience what it is like for God to talk to me and put something in my heart both for me to keep and to share with others. However even until now I am still learning how to really listen to Him. To be honest I still mess it up and mix up here and there between His voice, my voice, or voice from the enemy. Nevertheless I would love to share some pointers and learning points that could help anyone who really wants to get connected to God even more.

First of all God spe…
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Change and Growth

It is funny to see how God works. He allows some situations to repeat for us to realize that there must be something wrong here. It makes us think why these things always happen to us. For me it is the feeling of being unappreciated and misunderstood. Several cases in the past I experienced how people mistreated me after I gave my all for the team. Looking back I realize that I gave the exactly the same responses when this situation came up. I retaliated and defended myself as I did not want people to step all over me especially after what I have given up to come to that point. Everytime I retaliated it did not end very well. In the aftermath I became even more misunderstood and thus felt even worse. Nevertheless I kept giving the same response again and again because I did not find the better response as per my understanding.

Same response same results. Same situation keeps on coming. See the correlation here? God is too good to let us to be the same person whole of our lives. He know…

Sow Thanksgiving Reap Freedom

It is very hard to give thanks. No, it is very hard to REALLY be grateful. Thanksgiving is a matter of heart, a state of being appreciative, content, and joyful. When we say thank you it does not necessarily be an indicator that we truly appreciate what others have done to us. 

I always enjoy birthday, not for the fact that I am getting older, but I love it that once a year people celebrate me and shower me with care and gifts. Let me tell you my dirty little secret here. Deep down inside my heart I really wish people have supernatural ability to read my mind of what present that I really want this year. Else I would love to have the ability to visit people in their dreams and tell them what I want for my birthday. Are you familiar with the situation when people buy you a present that it is so not you? At that time we might say thank you but inside we say why (did you buy this pink tights for my birthday). That could not be a right attitude and we are all guilty of that at some point o…