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Twisting and Turning

Firstfact. People enjoy plot twist in a movie. We somehow dislike predictable movie. We cheer when the princess gets married to the gardener instead of the prince or how the supposed to be hero is actually the biggest villain of all. Due to so many movies we have watched in the past we are longing to be entertained by unpredictability. Basically we are thirsty of surprises. We expect something stand out in order for that movie to get high rating from our perspective. Thus no wonder film makers are trying their best to make their movies stand out by twisting and turning the characters, the plot, and the run of events.

Second fact. In our real life we hate twisting and turning of our life plot since it will disrupt our life rhythm and stability. I found it funny that I enjoy surprises to happen to the character in the movies and to others but in the same time I hate the unplanneds in my life. I found it entertaining to see how others twist and turn but in the same time I found it dreadin…
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Letting Go

I have an issue of letting go stuff. Ask my wife. I am always nervous when my wife says that she is going to do spring cleaning. That is why I want to make her happy every day. When she is upset she has the tendency to clean up and do things around the house. It makes her relax. Yes for sure it makes her relax because the things that she usually throws away are MY things. She always denies this and says that she also throws away her stuff. I just could not believe her. How can it be possible that she says she has thrown away her bags while I could still see tons of bags laying around the house. When I confront her she will say these bags are the gifts from you and I do not want to throw them away. Check mate. I just let her target my stuff.

I am always wondering why do we need to let go stuff either to give or throw it away. I have a strong emotional bond with my stuff as we have some history together. The valid reason that my wife always tells me is we don't have any more space. T…

3 Things about Obedience

Imagine that you are going to have a child soon and you have a set of names that you could choose from. How many of us will choose to name for our child Obedience over Love, Grace, Mercy, Joy, Shalom, Goodness, Blessing or Abundance? There must be something with the word obedience that we prefer not to bring this topic into much of the conversation. We would like to hear more of love, grace, mercy, joy, peace, goodness, blessing, and abundance over obedience. Why? For me it is because obedience requires something from us, we need to sacrifice something to obey. It requires paying certain price. Obedience involves giving up something and positions us in the place of giving while in our mind the words love, joy, etc. are about receiving from God. I realize that it is more natural for us to receive than to give.

One thing that we should acknowledge is we can receive from God because He already gave it all on the cross for us. We can experience love, joy, mercy, grace, blessing, goodness,…