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Twisting and Turning

First fact. People enjoy plot twist in a movie. We somehow dislike predictable movie. We cheer when the princess gets married to the gardener instead of the prince or how the supposed to be hero is actually the biggest villain of all. Due to so many movies we have watched in the past we are longing to be entertained by unpredictability. Basically we are thirsty of surprises. We expect something stand out in order for that movie to get high rating from our perspective. Thus no wonder film makers are trying their best to make their movies stand out by twisting and turning the characters, the plot, and the run of events.

Second fact. In our real life we hate twisting and turning of our life plot since it will disrupt our life rhythm and stability. I found it funny that I enjoy surprises to happen to the character in the movies and to others but in the same time I hate the unplanneds in my life. I found it entertaining to see how others twist and turn but in the same time I found it dreading when my life is being twisted and turned. For me personally an adventure is interesting if I could calculate the risks involved and that risks should be under my unpredictability threshold. Anything could not be calculated or outside of my threshold will not be on my plate. I would secretly or openly cheer and shout for somebody else to do that instead.

Unfortunately we could not ask others to run the race for us in the Kingdom of God. The vision God has put in everyone of us includes twisting, turning, change of pace, unplanned events, and unpredictability. Based on my experience so far God likes a plot twist so much. He is indeed full of surprises. Expect the unexpected from God. It is His promise that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him. What we have seen, heard, and imagined are the predictables. His plan for us is way beyond these predictables. That is why like any other faith heroes in the Bible we might feel discouraged when God called us to do something because it is way bigger than what we could think of at this season of our lives.

Even when we say yes to God and step with our faith with His grand plan, things normally will get even more unstable and unpredictable compared to what we have in mind. I have learned that the biggest mistake we could make when we are in the inbetweens of His promise, calling, purpose or vision and His fulfillment, fruition or victory is when we try to predict what happens next based on the run of events going on and create scenario as well as calculating all the risks based on the curent happenings. In my case God wrecked everything and keep twisting and turning the plot so that I could not calculate and plan what step should I take next. It is like God is trying to show me that He is the only one I can depend on. 

When we say yes to God's vision, purpose, and calling that seed of destiny is being released into our lives. It will take ploughing, watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding in the inbetweens before that seed could grow into a tree and eventually produce fruit. Seed, tree, and then fruit. The tree itself needs to be strong and healthy before it can bear fruit. A sick and weak tree will not yield a fresh and sweet fruit. It is like the old wineskin might destroy the taste of the new wine. Thus we need new wineskin for new wine. God wants to deal with us first before He let His promises come into fruition. To do so the twisting and turning is necessary for us to understand that He needs to be in control, not us, for the promise to be fulfilled. In the process in inbetweens we will come to understanding that we have yet to experience the fullness of God in our lives. Through each step of the process He is turning us from weakest of the least to mighty warrior, the could not speak to a great leader for a generation, the shepherd to the man chasing God's own heart.

Love Him. Trust Him. Let go. Let Him move and change us. God wants to transform us to a new person that He wants us to be. The new you is the one who is going to experience the fulfillment of the promise. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the process. Enjoy God. 


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